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Michael Farrell

Language Homework

•What language(s) should a child born in California in 2018 learn?
-Try to include at least some criteria that are based on concepts from this course.
-Answer in a good solid typewritten paragraph, and include the results from the dialect tests below.  Homework is due on Tuesday, please do NOT email me results of the tests.

Go online and take these two short dialect quizzes to see what kind of English you speak, and copy the text from the results pages and include it with your paragraph.

The first test is based solely on pronunciation, and will identify which part of the US you are likely from.

Dialect Test


The second test uses word usage to identify how "Southern" you are, and gives feedback of each choice before you submit the entire test.

Second Dialect Test

Geography 2 Syllabus

8/27/2018 11:24:00 PM
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Cultural Geography Text

This is our text
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