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Michael Farrell

Written Assignment for Lab

11/21/2018 2:24:09 PM
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This assignment is worth 20 points and is included in your syllabus grade. It is due by the third quiz (during Finals week), whether or not you take the last quiz.

It does need to by typed and on time. Each student needs to do both parts (1 and 2), and you have 4 choices for part 2.

Fall 2018 Quiz3 topics

Quiz 3 is held during Final Exam week. It is worth the same amount as either of the first two quizzes, and your lowest quiz score will be dropped.

 If you are in the Tuesday lab, our final is Dec 11 at 1:00pm.

If you are in the Wednesday lab, our final is Dec 12 at 10:15am.

Written assignments are also due at that time.


Topics for the final exam include:

Sequoia trees: you should be able to answer the pre-activity quiz that we did:

1. Sequoia National Park shares a border with which other National Park?

2. What makes the giant sequoia uniquely special among trees?

3. True(a) or False (b), Giant sequoia trees lose their leaves in the fall.

4. Of all the giant sequoias in Sequoia National Park, what is the name of the biggest living tree?

5. True(a) or False (b), Throughout the world, giant sequoia trees grow only on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, mostly between 5000 and 7000 feet elevation.

6. During its infancy, the National Park Service sought to protect the giant sequoias from all danger. However, the trees were nearly brought to ruin by the suppression of which natural occurrence?

7. Which of the following is a close relative to a Giant Sequoia?

9. Giant Sequoia trees can live to be approximately how old?

10. Giant Sequoia trees can grow to be approximately how tall?

 For lab 11 (Plate Tectonics), you should know the 3 major types of plate boundaries and know what typical features each one leads to, as well as the location from that lab that corresponds to each type of boundary
For lab 12 (GIS and Map Projections), know these terms: GIS, buffer, feature class, point, line (arc), polygon (area).  Also be able to recognize the projections we used in the lab (Mercator and Sinusoidal) and know what changes they made to shape or area.

For Lab 13 (GPS and Sampling), just know the terms GPS, waypoint, and benchmark

 If your class did not do the tectonics lab, check out your copy of it. The background information should have been covered in Geography 1 (the prerequisite for this course).

If you need any labs returned to study, please visit office hours.

Tuesday Lab Syllabus

8/27/2018 11:25:41 PM
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Wednesday Lab Syllabus

8/27/2018 11:26:21 PM
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Geography Lab Manual

This is our lab manual
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