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Michael Farrell

Last Study Guide

10/30/2018 12:06:39 PM
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Since our final exam is somewhat cumulative, this last study guide includes all of the old chapters you are responsible for, plus the terms, headings, and figures from new chapters.

Mastering Geography

Mastering Geography is an online resource provided by your textbook publisher. 

Here is a link to Mastering Geography

It is a mandatory portion of your Geography 1 grade, and it is a useful study tool.  When you activate the code that comes with your textbook or purchase access online, choose the 8th Edition of Elemental Geosystems. This is included in a new textbook purchase, or can be purchased online at Mastering Geography for a price of $45.95. There is also an option to bundle the code with an eText for $78.95 total. The course ID is  LACCGEOG1FARRELLfall18

You are responsible for keeping up with assignment due dates; they will not be adjusted.

Mon/Wed Geography 1 Syllabus

8/26/2018 11:46:42 PM
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Tues/Thurs Geog1 Syllabus

8/27/2018 5:12:21 PM
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Figures not in your book

8/31/2017 1:06:12 AM
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These figures are not in your text, but I refer to them in class.

Physical Geography Text

This is our text
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