Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

How can I take Chem 101 if I haven't taken Chem 60?

Chem 60 is the prerequisite for Chem 101. If you wish to enroll in 101 and feel that you have the same preparation as someone who has passed Chem 60, then you may want to fill out a prerequisite challenge petition found here. Filling out this form does not guarantee that you will be allowed to enroll in 101. You must prove that your preparation is the same as someone who has passed our Chem 60. When filling out the form, the only reasonable box to check is box 4. You must attach justification that describes why you think you have the same preparation as someone who has passed Chem 60. This means you need transcript(s) (unofficial is fine) and course outlines/descriptions of the Chemistry courses you have taken. Submit this information to my office in SCI 324b. Keep in mind that every single section of Chem 101 fills to capacity with students who have passed Chem 60, and multiple sections of Chem 60 are typically offered fall, winter, spring, and summer.

How can I enroll in a class that is full?

None of the classes at LACC have an official waitlist. Once they are full, the only way to add is to attend the first class meeting on time and see if any seats are available. Our department policy is that every student on time to the first class meeting will have the same initial priority to add the class in the event that seats become available. A professor may choose to randomly rank the list on the first day (in which case you will no longer have the same priority as everyone else), or may choose to wait additional class meetings, removing anyone from the list who is not present and on time to each class meeting. There is no need to contact an instructor prior to the start of the term. It is possible that a class will appear as "open" through the online schedule but in reality will have many students who have attended the first class meeting who are waiting to be added.