There are two ways for Geography 1 or Geography 2 students to earn extra credit.


1)      Local Events/speakers: Attend specific local events/speakers, write a 1 page minimum reflection on what you learn for each event you attend, and get 2% extra credit towards your final grade.  Monthly meetings of the Los Angeles Geographical Society are in our SciTech building, and showcase the geography research of local professors.  Make sure you sign a sign-in sheet for our class while you are there, or get a flyer signed by another professor at the event, or send a photo to verify your attendance (can be a camera phone shot of multiple students from class sent to  Check the LAGS website for more details about each month's Friday 4pm event

Also, if you know of a geography-related event (preferably free) taking place in the area, let me know so I can include it as an extra credit option.


2) Join a club on campus- Become an active member of a club on campus (go to meetings and participate in club activities).  Any club is fine, as long as you can tell me, in a 1 page minimum reflection at the end of the semester, how it relates in some way to geography.  Include a photo of yourself (a cameraphone shot emailed to me is fine) at a club activity, or a note from the club president/supervisor to verify you went.  Your whole reflection doesn't have to be on geography, the rest can be on anything you want about your club activities.  I will likely contact a club president/supervisor to verify your involvement.